Psychologist, passionate with people, their processes and life stages.

Committed to provide an enriching and transformative experience for those who wish to seek self-knowledge, maturity and overcome their conflicts.

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Psychologist, Bachelor and Licentiate by UnB – CRP 01/18341

Individual and group psychodramatist - ABP - Brazilian Association of Psychodrama

International Certified Therapist EMDR - EMDR Institute, EMDRIA and EMDR Ibero-America

International Certified Therapist Brainspotting - ABB - Brazilian Association of Brainspotting and BSP Ibero-America

Professional Advisor - Individual and Group

M.A.T.E.S. Therapist

Play of Life Therapist

Counseling Training - Sydney, Australia

Intelligence and High Skills Assessment (Children and Adolescents)

Coach - EVO Coaching Method





Group Professional Advisor (Mar / 2009 to Jun / 2010)


Internship in Individual and Family Care - CAEP - Academic Center for Psychological Studies (Mar / 2013 to Jun / 2014)


High Skills and Intelligence Internship - Class 411N School Resource Room (Mar-Jun / 2014)


Individual Psychodramatist - ABP - Brazilian Psychodrama Association (Mar to Jun / 2015)

Group Psychodramatist - Creativity Workshop for Teenagers in Cutting Situation (Mar to Jun / 2015)


Group Psychodramatist - How to Prepare for Retirement? (Aug to Oct / 2015)


Family co-therapist with Dr. Maria da Penha Nery (Jun to Aug / 2015)


Professional Advice Supervisor - Praxis - UnB (Mar to Jun / 2016)

Voluntary Therapeutic Attendance - Sydney - Australia (Apr to Jun / 2018)

Voluntary Therapeutic Care for Adolescents and Teachers - CELAN (Mar to Jun / 2019)

5,000 hours of Therapeutic Attendance