Therapy only happens when you understand that change is the only solution and can only be done by you. It is an act of courage, lucidity and determination to change what keeps you from being happy.

Psychologist Caio Pereira


It is the relationship between the psychologist and client seeking to promote their emotional well-being. It is grounded in dialogue and trust, and takes place in a safe environment where therapist and client identify problems, set goals and develop action plans.


It is a collaborative process in which the role of the therapist is listening and analysis, while the client's role is to be a proactive agent and constructor of their meanings and thus their change.



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"Caio is an excellent psychologist. He genuinely shows interest in the patient's issues in attentive, open and empathic listening. His therapeutic approach gives us confidence, especially in his ethical and respectful professional attitude. I congratulate him on his work and essential qualities of humanity, so needed in our world. "

Leila Branco






"Caio, accompanied my daughter for a while and was excellent. Anyone who is in therapy knows how difficult it is to find a good professional. About Caio, we have only gratitude."


Kênia Texeira


"The therapy with Caio was essential to my life. I learned to deal with my emotions, knew more about myself, and dealt with a lot of the feelings that I had been carrying for years."



Davi Leite

"I was met with great sympathy and charisma; I felt comfortable and well received. The sessions with Caio helped me to know who I am and to clarify doubts regarding my professional choices. I am grateful to have received this vocational guidance and recommend it! !!. "

Letícia Duarte

"Dr Caio is undoubtedly a serious professional, showing love for his profession, keeping up to date and ensuring respect and exercising empathy with the client. Highly recommend!"


Cláudia Heider

"Excellent psychologist, he has done a wonderful job at our school, CEF of Lago Norte. With an unquestionable commitment, ethics and professionalism to everyone he attended. We, the CELAN team, appreciate the time you have made available to our students and professionals. Thank you!"


Ana Paula

Assistance of children, adolescents and adults.
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(61) 98440-0745

SHLN North Clinical Center 1 Block k, Room 308 - Brasília - DF


Work with children, teenagers and adults.

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(61) 98440-0745

SHLN Centro Clínico Norte 1, bloco k, sala 308 - Brasília

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